Monday, February 22, 2010

MY photos of the snow day...

Snow Day

Danielle Ackerman from
We have another snow day today, although there is only about an inch on the ground. The real problem is the 2 inches of ice underneath the dusting. I got a call at 5:45 this morning--after I had gotten up, after Kory had spend 20 minutes scraping ice off the SUV and the car so I wouldn't have to, after several of my co-workers already started off for work. But it's all good.
Because right now, it's 6:08, and instead of being in the cold car on the way to work, I am sitting in my pjs on the couch sipping a cup of hot coffee listening to Charlie sniffle.
By the way, he smells like a dirty fishtank.
Charlie, not Kory.