Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Gloves, but if you have a weak stomach, DON'T scroll down...

A few months ago, I bought Kory a pair of leather gloves that he uses when he wrestles with logs for the fireplace. They are pretty heavy duty fireproof, splinter proof gloves that have been worth every penny of the $10 I paid for them.
Especially since Charlie thinks they are somehow his.
Sort of.
Every time Kory (not me, mind you, only Kory) puts on these gloves, Charlie goes nuts, as only Charlie can do. I can only liken them to falconer gloves when master calls beast and beast obeys.
Only Charlie doesn't obey. He attacks.
It's like Man vs. Beast in our living room. Or COPS, animal control.
It's bizarre.
I wish I got the shots of Charlie leaping off all four legs into the air and lunging at Kory who pushes him down only to have a leaky, frothing animal lunge at him again.
This is our nightly ritual. Right after House and American Idol and right before the news.
It's entertainment at it's best.

At first it starts out innocently...

A little roughousing, a little pushing...

Then comes the growling and the jumping...
Then invariably, the lunging leaves Kory on the ground...

Until the biting begins. Daddy hates biting. Can't you tell from the awful frown on his face?

But then Daddy has to show Charlie who's boss...(do NOT scroll down if you get queasy at the site of ugly...)

Because if Daddy doesn't show him who's boss, aliens from the Underworld invade the sanctity of our home and possess our puppy...

and this is who shows up...

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Valentine's Day Residue

Kory, in addition to taking me to the Melting Pot, for Valentine's Day, also sent me 4 dozen roses at work...three days I could brag that I got flowers first.
Little did he know I not only was first, I was paid off twice.
I never have the heart to simply throw flowers away, especially when Kory gives them to me, so I turned my dining room into a florist shop. I kinda like 'em.