Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cool Change

I love spring break. It's sort of its own holiday in my mind, celebrated for no other reason than winter is finally behind us and I can pack away my bulky sweaters and fuzzy boots for next year as I break out the mounds of rubbermaid containers in search of my flip flops and t-shirts and (cross my fingers here) a pair of shorts.
I love this time of year. My students in Chester argued that it was my favorite over fall; I think they got a kick out of my peep-toe sandals in hot pink and blue while everyone else was still wearing parkas. But when the first hyacinth is brave enough to poke her head out, I get brave, too.
Yesterday it was 82 degrees. I actually sunned myself on the deck.
The other excitement that rivals vacation from mounds of books and essays is the arrival of Kory's (well, mine, too!) nephew and his wife/our niece from NY. They are so fun and so energetic and so welcome to be with us. They both were offered jobs at the school where I teach, and yesterday they arrived with cars packed to the roof. They both reminded me of myself when I went to Miami. I had nothing but what could fit in my Cavalier. I had no place to stay, no idea of what I was about to do, all the fear in the world, and all the adventure a 22 year old could muster. I went with the thought of staying for three months and going back home if I hated it. I wound up staying for 8 years.
I pray the same for Jake and Jamie. And I am so excited they are here. They might be a little old for magic make up bags and color crayons and doggie kisses--yes, I am absolutely sure doggie kisses are reserved for Jamin alone! But for right now, Aunt Jenny gets to have sleep overs again, for at least a little while.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let It Snow

What on earth is wrong with blogger? or me? or both?
I have attempted to post numerous times, and it keeps kicking me off. I'm beginning to hate this thing. beautiful 70 degree weather has left us for 4 inches of snow and freezing temperatures. All week, too. I had to put up my flip flops and dig around in the back of the closet for my fuzzy boots Kory bought me for Christmas. I am so missing spring right now.