Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cool Change

I love spring break. It's sort of its own holiday in my mind, celebrated for no other reason than winter is finally behind us and I can pack away my bulky sweaters and fuzzy boots for next year as I break out the mounds of rubbermaid containers in search of my flip flops and t-shirts and (cross my fingers here) a pair of shorts.
I love this time of year. My students in Chester argued that it was my favorite over fall; I think they got a kick out of my peep-toe sandals in hot pink and blue while everyone else was still wearing parkas. But when the first hyacinth is brave enough to poke her head out, I get brave, too.
Yesterday it was 82 degrees. I actually sunned myself on the deck.
The other excitement that rivals vacation from mounds of books and essays is the arrival of Kory's (well, mine, too!) nephew and his wife/our niece from NY. They are so fun and so energetic and so welcome to be with us. They both were offered jobs at the school where I teach, and yesterday they arrived with cars packed to the roof. They both reminded me of myself when I went to Miami. I had nothing but what could fit in my Cavalier. I had no place to stay, no idea of what I was about to do, all the fear in the world, and all the adventure a 22 year old could muster. I went with the thought of staying for three months and going back home if I hated it. I wound up staying for 8 years.
I pray the same for Jake and Jamie. And I am so excited they are here. They might be a little old for magic make up bags and color crayons and doggie kisses--yes, I am absolutely sure doggie kisses are reserved for Jamin alone! But for right now, Aunt Jenny gets to have sleep overs again, for at least a little while.


Susan said...

Yay for Spring, warm weather, flip flops and sleepovers.
Glad you are enjoying these days my friend!
Email me about your first client!

Trail Rated said...

Brutus wants a doggie kiss - he's a little jealous!