Friday, December 4, 2009

Funniest Story...

I don't know how it happened, but my brother and sister had the six cutest kids in the world...and I really don't think many kids are cute. Actually, I think MOST kids are weird looking and will usually brush off any obligatory "cute" comment with an ambiguous, "Aw, look at them!" So if I've said your kids are cute or adorable, I really did mean it.

BUT This is Sami, my little sister's daughter.

She has a lisp.
She screeches.
She has a HUGE pouty lip.
She believes that she is an actual princess.
She eats more ice cream than Ben AND Jerry.
She wears big girl Dora panties.
She stutters when she gets excited.
And I want to bite those chubby cheeks right off her face. Even if they are caked with yogurt and play doh.


When Kory and I went to my parents' house for Thanksgiving, I got tons of kisses and hugs and tickles. And not nearly enough Aunt Jenny time. With any of them.

One morning, though, I made a huge Aunt Jenny breakfast: bacon, eggs, toast, and mini pancakes slathered in syrup. Sami ate, as she always does, with gusto and pizazz (remember the cheeks?)

But when I was cleaning up with my mom, Sami came in the kitchen with no less than a scowl on her face. "I don't want my meat."


"I don't want my meat."
My mom and I looked at each other, realizing she must have squirreled away a piece of bacon. "Okay, but what's wrong with it?"

"Ith's in hith mouf."

and she visciously pointed to this...

Can't imagine what happened...


Anonymous said...

She certainly had a great reason for not wanting her meat! And Charlie was surely most grateful for it! Sami is awesome! Love, Nana

Krystyn said...

What a sweet little girl....and she shares so generously!