Friday, June 5, 2009

Found it!

Yay, me! I found my missing sock that I accused Charlie of eating!
As an English teacher, I pride myself on my selection of exact, precise diction, so I was rather disappointed to find I had not chosen the right word to define the disappearance of my sock.
Let me tell a story.
When I was putting Charlie in his kennel out last night, a peculiar smell assaulted my nostrils and a curious color and texture stained his flannel blanket. When I pulled his bedding out, a trail of vomit followed. And tucked deep inside the blankie he so cherishes was my once white yet now orangey-brown sock. Covered in slime and gastric juices.
Charlie did not, in fact, EAT my sock; he swallowed it. Whole. And then puked it up.
I made Kory throw it away.


Trail Rated said...

I just puked in my mouth just a little.

Anonymous said...

I do believe you need to put a screen over Charlie's mouth when he is not eating his dog food. May protect some of the non perishable items from disappearing!

Susan said...

You would have much less blogging material without Charlie so at least he is good for something.
A book title is ringing in my head...something like...Charlie and Me (just kidding).